Why Work with Us


Our goal is to help you simplify your financial life. With 40 years of industry experience, we provide you with a way to pursue your financial goals in a team-driven, coordinated manner. Your goals are important to you and your family. We take that to heart, and help you define them and then structure a plan to work toward achieving them.

We seek to plan away as many of your problems as possible.

We do not simply offer you investment products as solutions to these problems. The plans we create are integrated, carefully considered, and designed to provide better wealth management, not merely a good return. Investment returns are certainly important, but they are also just one aspect of your overall financial planning strategy. It is not the money you make, but the wealth you accumulate that ultimately counts.

We are experienced, credentialed, and highly analytical.

Gary Shepherd is a CFP® practitioner, as well as a Certified Mutual Fund Counselor and Chartered Financial Consultant; he has 35 years experience in this industry.

We address a common problem in our work.

Many of our clients have multiple advisors. The problem is that these advisors don't talk to each other. Over time, not all of them are adequately informed about business, career and life changes and this lack of current information breeds disagreement and even incoherence when it comes to the client's financial direction.

We aim to provide Coordinated Advice for Tidewater Business Professionals. We want to serve as your "quarterback" and run a smoothly coordinated financial strategy for you, with the goal of a simpler retirement transition and a simpler and better financial life.